Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inspiration Board - Spring

The warmer weather is finally creeping back into Australia - after a long, cold winter (okay, well anything under 25 degrees Celsius is cold for me!). This is my absolute favourite season - not just because it's my birthday season (7th of November - put it in your diaries...), but because this was the very season that inspired me to create Moonlight and Whimsy. It's about basking in the sunshine, quaint tea parties, moonlit cocktails and paper lanterns.

Above all - Spring is about COLOUR!

Enjoy our first Inspiration Board for the series - simply entitled "Spring".

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From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Bunting flag banner - "Mezzanine" by Giggleberry - $35.95 ea.
  2. Miniature metal pails - $2.50 ea. 
  3. Paper lantern - 35cm (green) - $5.45 ea.
  4. Paper lantern - 20cm (white) - $2.95 ea.
  5. Cupcake wrappers - "Happy Flowers" by Lehanes - $16.25 (pkt 12)
  6. Miniature funky felt bags with matching flowers - $2.20 ea
  7. Feather butterflies in lime green, hot pink, coral and purple - $7.50 (pkt 5 of each colour)
  8. Woven heart-shaped box with lid - $2.95 ea.
  9. Ring Pillow - Butterfly dreams (avail. in pink, green, lavender & light blue) - $41.50 ea.
  10. Floating flower paper lanterns (avail. in pink, purple, yellow, orange, green and white) - $2.45 ea.
  11.  Decorative miniature flowers with crystal centres (avail. in pink, purple, green and blue) - $5.15 (packet)

All products can be found at

Our new stock is flying out the door every day - so place your order now to avoid disappointment!

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