Saturday, January 8, 2011

So illuminary!

We are so excited to be finally stocking luminary candle-bags! They can be used in a hundreds of different ways. Use them to light aisles, pool areas, gardens - even place them in trees! They're inexpensive and extremely versatile:

Traditionally these are used with tealight or votive candles (be sure to put them into a glass container before slipping them into the bag - luminaries are extremely flammable!), however we have discovered a whole new dimension:

We placed coloured LED lights are placed into white luminaries to create a whole new look! You could even pop in a colour-changing RGB light - the possibilities are endless.

Of course if you're after coloured candlebags (stunning even in daylight) - we have 5 different colours sold individually so you can mix and match, depending on the look you're after:

These are stunning and super-bright with our white LED lights:

Our new white and coloured luminary candle bags are in our online store now!
Only $1.80 each!

Available at:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Going Dotty

A new year, a new style of lantern! We actually have several types to showcase over the next few weeks - the first being the lanterns from our new spectacular new polka dot range!

Available in blue, pink, black, green and red - they are perfect for celebrations for all ages. Mix them with other lanterns of similar shades, or go completely dotty and cluster them all together. (We like the red ones - they match our blog layout perfectly!)

They also work beautifully with white lanterns - splash a little colour around:

Of course, we think they go perfectly with our polka-dot cupcake wrappers too!

Our new 35cm Polka-Dot lanterns are in our online store now!
$5.90 each - don't miss out!

Available at:


Monday, January 3, 2011

Guest Post: Colour Trends in 2011.

Leading Sydney florist, Sally Thompson of Blushing Blooms shares a quick take her take on what’s new exciting for wedding floral trends in 2011…

Happy New Year! In welcoming 2011 we also welcome some new and exciting trends in wedding flowers, floral styling and wedding décor.

Bold colours will be huge for 2011 – the days of the shy and retiring bouquet are long departed! Fuchsia, orange and cherry tones contrasted with splashes of lime green and yellow will dominate as brides follow trends emanating from Europe and the US. Over-the-top colours add glamour against dark bridesmaids gowns and oomph to wedding photos. Combined with the ongoing popularity of daring coloured wedding shoes brides for the new year will embrace colour daringly and celebrate nature’s most vibrant blooms with gusto!

The lust for vintage and rustic-chic will continue beyond 2011.  Fluffy, feminine flowers in muted tones of musky pinks, creams and silvers will be remain popular. Embellishment of bouquets with jewelled brooches, buttons and other quirky relics (be it from Nanna’s drawer, a family heirloom or a thrift shop) will grow with brides seeking to add details and personalisation to their big day. 

The more classic vintage look will see bouquets and centre pieces with masses of single species blooms with an emphasis on shading and soft texture – peonies, hydrangea and ranunculus will feature heavily. Rustic-chic inspired brides will request looser and more free flowing designs with an emphasis on organic and unusual details such as twigs, nests, berries and mosses.

As an extension of the ongoing trend of mis-matched bridesmaids dress I believe more progressive brides will seek to have mis-matched flowers - varying bouquets from the same ‘colour story’.

To the brides of 2011 my closing words of wisdom are these; trends are fun to observe and always interesting but choose what you love. As Yves Saint Laurent famously said, ‘Fashion fades but style is eternal’ and this couldn’t be more true. Your day should reflect your personality and be a celebration of you (and your fiancés) personal style. Happy planning!

Author Sally Thompson is a passionate, creative and innovative floral designer specialising in wedding flowers based in Glenhaven, Sydney. Sally is the owner of Blushing Blooms Floral Studio.  You can follow what’s happening at the Blushing Blooms studio on the blog or on Facebook.

All bouquets shown are the original work of Sally Thompson