Saturday, January 8, 2011

So illuminary!

We are so excited to be finally stocking luminary candle-bags! They can be used in a hundreds of different ways. Use them to light aisles, pool areas, gardens - even place them in trees! They're inexpensive and extremely versatile:

Traditionally these are used with tealight or votive candles (be sure to put them into a glass container before slipping them into the bag - luminaries are extremely flammable!), however we have discovered a whole new dimension:

We placed coloured LED lights are placed into white luminaries to create a whole new look! You could even pop in a colour-changing RGB light - the possibilities are endless.

Of course if you're after coloured candlebags (stunning even in daylight) - we have 5 different colours sold individually so you can mix and match, depending on the look you're after:

These are stunning and super-bright with our white LED lights:

Our new white and coloured luminary candle bags are in our online store now!
Only $1.80 each!

Available at:

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