Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our whimsical week!

It's been a busy busy week! Firstly - I'd like to say a big congratulations to Lance and Angela who celebrated their engagement "Pirate" style on Saturday night. Old "Queenslander" style houses are fantastic for styling, due to their sturdy rafters and boards.

Paper lanterns adorned their basement and flickering tealights in older-style hurricane lamps, really set the mood for the evening. I can't wait to see what they have in mind for their wedding!

Secondly - we've done some adjusting to our checkout. Some of you might have noticed that we don't have a payment gateway just yet. You might also notice that our prices are considerably lower than our competitors. This is how we do it! By using PayPal - you are still able to securely use your Visa or Mastercard - and we're able to keep our prices low for you.

We invite you to compare us to other leading online bomboniere stores - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Thirdly - Moonlight & Whimsy has been interviewed for an upcoming article on the Wedding and Event Pro website! We are very excited about this incredible opportunity and as soon as it's available - we'll send you the link!

Meanwhile, if you're after a boutique, creative business consultancy solution - check them out! Don't forget to subscribe to their blog also!

Fourthly (I told you it was a busy week!!) - we are so insanely happy to be stocking fabric flag bunting by Giggleberry!

Their handiwork is frequently seen on various wedding blogs and gorgeous photoshoots, so we are both blessed and honoured to be their new stockist.

Lastly - thank you to our newest Facebook fans - our fanbase just keeps growing everyday. To celebrate, we've just expanded our range by adding over 30 new products...with more to come!!

Here are just some of our favourites:

Favour Boxes - Miniature Metal Pails - Silver

With your garden or country theme wedding include some mini metal pails with handles as a table decoration or favour. The pails can be filled with candies or flowers to suit your style. They are available in white or galvanized metal.

Size: 5 × 6 cm H
$2.50 each.

"Heart to Heart" Interlocking Salt & Pepper Shakers

As a special favour for your guests, give each guest their own salt and pepper shaker in the shape of a heart. Add a clear personalised sticker for the top of the package so your guests have a special keepsake from your wedding. Salt and pepper not included.

Size: 4 × 7.5 cm Tall
Price: $4.75

Woven Heart Shaped Box with Lid - Blue, yellow, pink, green and ivory.

This miniature heart shaped box makes a lovely presentation. The woven paper string creates a natural texture that blends well with a wide range of decorative themes. Available in five fashionable wedding colours. Combine complementary colours to enhance the visual effect.

Size: 6 × 6 × 3.5 cm
Price: $2.95

Light String - Fire Lily - Autumn Colours

Our gorgeous fire lily light string will add an enchanting touch to any dinner party, wedding or event! 20 flowers span 2 metres with an extra 1.5 metres between the last flower and the plug. 5 spare lights are also included.

Price: $34.95

Mini Lanterns with Hanger

Miniature lanterns with hangers, in white, add a warm glow to a beach or nautical theme wedding. Combine with sea shells, sand and starfish for a centre-piece that brings the beach inside.

Size: 17 cm H
Price: $7.95

That's all for today - swing by our site and check out the new goodies - don't forget ...we're not just for weddings and events, and we deliberately keep our prices low and sell single items because we know that not everyone needs multiples of 12!

We're not in it to rip you off, we're here to provide fantastic products that will help you create memorable, stylish events however big or small!




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