Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feed the Birds!

Planning an eco-friendly wedding or children's birthday party? Looking for a cute idea for favours that will cost you next to nothing? I found this great tutorial for Paper Roll Seed Packets! These are so adorable - I had to look twice when I realised what they were made out of!

(Brides? This is a great DIY project to involve junior members of the wedding party in, too!)

These are simply made out of Paper Towel Rolls! How many you need will depend on how many guests you are expecting - however if you get your friends to collect these for you - you'll have more than enough in no time!

  1. Flatten the rolls and measure them into three equal segments for cutting.
  2. Once cut, staple one side, insert your seeds and staple the other side to close.
  3. Stamp and decorate in your desired colours.

 [ Full post at DIY Weddings ]

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