Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ice Ice, Baby!

Welcome to all of our new readers! Thanks for the retweets on Twitter and Facebook (if one can actually retweet on Facebook?), it’s wonderful to be here, providing interesting event supplies and solutions to you all!

So the other day I received a very exciting shipment of LED lights. Exciting because sure we’ve all seen LED lights – but not like these! These babies are can brighten up any centrepiece, aisle, table – you name it! And the best thing of all? They’re submersible! Bye bye floating candles! Just switch them on and drop them in and watch them illuminate floral arrangements, crystal pearls, table settings and more. Submersible LED lights are perfect for lanterns as well and come in clear, hot pink, blue and RGB (all colours). The best part is – the batteries can be replaced with new ones – and these can be used for future celebrations or parties.

What I was mesmerised with last night were our Lite-Cubes, which look exactly like blocks of ice – you can even freeze them and use them to light up your drinks! Failing that, they make fantastic additions to any centrepiece- definitely giving your guests something to talk about. They come in two colours – clear (which come with two different flash types) or RGB, which has a multitude of settings that can be set upon a simple click of a button. Red, blue, green, red and blue, red and green, blue and green, or a constant rainbow cycle of seamless colour change. Lite Cubes are disposable and only last for 8-10 hours. At $3.75 each though – you can afford to stock up!

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