Friday, August 13, 2010


“What does event planning have to do with web design”? 

Well, a lot actually. Walk into any office and check out the human-computer ratio. Marvel at the laptops at lunchtime. Step on to any 5pm train, and you’ll see at one in every two people with an iPhone or an iPad. Digital information is everywhere. Most of us now pay our bills online, and have bank statements or electricity accounts sent via email. A handwritten letter or invitation has become a quaint way to communicate.

Now we at M&W are not against the handwritten options – far from it! However there’s something to be said for event websites that have the information at hand every second of the day, so your invitees aren’t racking their brains to remember the information on said paper held loosely by magnets on their fridge. At home.

An event-site not only has the details of your event – it also allows you to branch out and upload galleries, biographies, background information, guestbooks, feedback pages, current contact details, changes in venues, menus and dress codes.

Email us to discuss your personalised, hand-crafted event website today!!

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