Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Favourite Things - Design Me Vintage

We're lucky to be working with Isabella from Design Me Vintage on an upcoming Photo Shoot. Bella creates the most dazzling and divine vintage-inspired brooch bouquets, is developing a stunning new hire range and has featured some truly inspiring works on her blog. And she's only getting started...

Bella writes:

"I find inspiration from a simple picture, or a comment, and idea. I absolutely love the invitations  in this board. (I do have a small obsession with birds, eggs, and nests). And this rolled out into a inspiration board which, I pulled different elements and styles together and bingo! I think for me its the feeling in the end that is evoked, the story of it. Not naturally leaning to these colours in my home, I love them when worked together in subtle tones. After all, we have red love hearts, blue skies and white fluffy clouds - sounds divine and delicious to me!"

Visit Design Me Vintage's website here and their Facebook page here.

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