Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Favourite Things - Lily Chic Events

Welcome to the first in a series of posts called "My Favourite Things". Every week we're going to showcase a different vendor who will discuss what inspires them about their particular industry, or simply what products they have that could inspire YOU!

First up is the gorgeous Lilian Oliver from Lily Chic Events - undoubtedly one of Melbourne's most exciting up-and-coming event stylists.

Lilian writes:

"There is one thing that I know for certain...and that is that EVERY party is different. The reason I know this is that all parties should reflect the person whose party it is...and we are all unique.  The best part of my day is creating the perfect party for the 'guest of honour'.  What worked for one may not work for the next..but that is why styling and theming events is so exciting! I never know how it's going to turn out till the day.I am one of those stylists that will create on the spot...I have a vision but if my style needs tweaking on the day...then that's what I do. 

This year for kids parties I am seeing lots of 'pink' in all shades for girls...teamed with white or grey for a vintage and classical look. I am also getting lots of requests for red and white...whether it be polka dots, circus stripes, woodland mushrooms or hearts. Lots of Vintage toys and old school party games!

For weddings I am still seeing lots of DIY weddings where the bridal couple put their own stamp on the day. One couple I saw had a Fingerprint Wishing Tree where the guests stamped their fingers and placed it on the sketched paper tree to resemble leaves and then wrote their name on the leaf so that the couple could frame the tree and remember all their guests on the day!

Another couple used ceramic plates for their dessert and had the plates custom made with each guests name painted on it. Once the guests ate their dessert they had to find the guest whose plate they had...then go searching for their own! So cute!

I love this about events and wouldn't want to change what I do for anything!"

You can check out Lilian's work and visit her gorgeous online store here:

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to be the first for this wonderful series! I look forward to 'meeting' more of my peers in the weeks to come xx